Jenkin is a lifelong learner. Having spent the past five years immersed in research and courses related to neuroscience, psychology, and mental health he has a profound curiosity for understanding more about the brain and the behaviours that go along with it. With this, he has also began his desire to make peace with the stigmatization that is associated with mental health. Having felt the effects of stress and anxiety early on in university and witnessing the mental health issues of close friends and loved ones, he is eager to find a fulfilling career where he can use his education to helping others find themselves and bettering their lives in the process. He is an advocate for mental well-being, believing that when it comes to mental health both sides of the coin must be considered. This means that rather than focusing on the stigmatized and negative views often associated with mental health, he wishes to promote mental health conscientiousness such that everyone can live more fulfilling and self-appreciating lives. In this blog, entitled Zeigeist, he hopes to share his thoughts, perspectives, and what he’s learned to champion for mental health. In his spare time, he is an avid food blogger, POP! vinyl figurine collector, and enjoys spending his time advising others on their vocations, volunteering for mental health-related causes, and working with youth leadership programs.

In September 2015, Jenkin will begin his own vocational journey when he embarks into the wonderful world of graduate school at York University (Toronto, Ontario). He will be pursuing a degree, and, hopefully, a career in Clinical Neuropsychology. This blog will also be a way for him to document the ups (and downs) in his pursuit of psychology as a profession.

Mono Cliffs

Photo taken at Mono Cliffs Provincial Park during a summer expedition with Vision Youth Leadership Program, a non-profit organization dedicated to challenging youths holistically to become visionary leaders.